The first date and the pilot's date of a successful date

Notes on the first date at pilot dating site.

First time with pilots dating notes:

Both men and women should be punctual to the appointment so as to make each other feel sincere. If they are late for an accident, they should be modest and explain the reasons. After the meeting, they should be generous. Being too shy will cause restraint; being too free and easy will often cause suspicion. When listening to each other's words, they should not be absent-minded or keep their eyes fixed on each other. The natural look is the best way to look at it.

With pilots dating clothes neat without pretension

Some people say, "Seven looks, three dresses." For those who go on a date, they should dress better than usual. This is a sign of attaching importance to dating and to each other. Women's clothes can be brighter. Men should never wear dirty clothes to date. In summer, we should pay attention to the cleanliness of shirts and handkerchiefs. If possible, choose the clothes that best suit your skin color and body shape, and make the best use of your strengths while avoiding your weaknesses. Of course, excessive pursuit of fashionable clothes often has the opposite effect.

Talk with Piots Dating enthusiastically but not lightly

The protagonist of the first date should be pilots, the woman is more implicit. Piots should take the initiative to raise some questions to arouse interest. Both sides should avoid a long period of cold shoulder. The content of the conversation should be popular and wide, the questions should be short, and the other party should be willing to answer, but also answer. We can talk about work and study, hobbies and trifles of life. Don't embarrass the other party by ignoring them, let alone ask questions that make the other party difficult to talk about. If there is no response from the other side, we should change the topic quickly. Both men and women can consciously write self-introduction, including their family members and personal hobbies, specialties, etc., but do not boast about themselves. Some young people get into some bad habits, so don't let it spoil the scene on their first date. Swear words should not be spoken, otherwise, they will be regarded as disrespect, uncivilized and impolite to each other.

The place of appointment should be in a public place familiar to both parties.

The place of appointment should be in a public place familiar to both parties. Negotiate a place of appointment at pilots dating site. Such as parks, squares, rivers, lakes, music teahouses, theatres, etc., it is better not to be alone in one's home or in a strange place, but to pay more attention to this point on the first date. The best place to date is somewhere quiet and not too remote. Quietness can create a good atmosphere for dating and conversation, but it's too remote and unsafe. When choosing the place of appointment, it is better to consider the distance between the two parties, especially the distance between the women. A girl once told people that her boyfriend was very considerate. Ask her what she can see? She said: "On a full date, he chose places close to my company, but he ran a long way, he was for my convenience."

The topic of pilots dating should be relaxed and happy.

Talking on a date is the best time to get to know each other and express yourself. At this time, you should grasp the initiative of the conversation, understand as much as possible the interests and hobbies of the other party from the conversation, avoid exposing your shortcomings to the other party as early as possible, so that the bureau can develop in the direction that is beneficial to you.

The best topic for dating is to make the atmosphere pleasant.

Therefore, when dating, we must keep happy, happy mood and mood, because dating is not a class, no need to preach, let alone personality inspiration, so the topic must be relaxed. Don't be nervous about pilots. If he likes to talk big, don't interrupt him. Just be a loyal listener. At the same time, don't talk about academic topics yourself.

When dating, it's better to draw on the things that often happen around you, such as TV programs, social pages of newspapers and so on, or about music, sports and lovely pets around you, such as cats, dogs, tropical fish, pigeons and birds, because talking about some relaxing and interesting topics will bring you closer to strangers. Distance.

The courtesy of pilots dating should not be neglected

Dating, as a special form of social communication, should permeate the modern culture, and etiquette and politeness run through the whole process of dating.

Date proposals should be courteous. When the initiative offers an invitation, whether it's a direct oral invitation or a telephone invitation or a letter invitation, it should be polite and consulting. It can't ask the other party in an imperative tone. When deciding the place of appointment, you should first seek the advice of the other party, and take the other party's convenience as the principle. If the other party expresses clearly that it is up to you to make a decision, then you put forward your own opinions. Please make a decision. Only when the other party thinks it is appropriate, can you make a decision.

Courtesy and politeness are more important in time. Generally speaking, the inviter should come first for a while, which reflects respect for the other party. In case of special circumstances, if you can't make an appointment on time or need to change the appointment time, try to find ways to inform the other party. If it is impossible to inform the other party, apologize to the other party afterwards. Because breaking an appointment is an impolite act. The first-come party should also be considerate and comfortable to those who are late or break their appointment for special reasons, and should not be unreasonable. The proposal of termination of a date is usually made by the date and the woman. Inviters and men can also offer to terminate the appointment if they have urgent matters, but they should apologize to each other. In a date, if you feel that the other person is not your lover, don't just say goodbye for three or five minutes. If there is nothing to say between them, we can talk about some other things. After a certain atmosphere has been formed, we can politely offer our farewell.

When the date is over, pilots want to give her away, which shows respect for women. If the time is not late or in the daytime, the woman can be sent to the car or tram and watched away; if the night time is late, the woman should take the initiative to send her home, if the woman does not reflect, should be sent to the door.

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